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I get depressed at Christmas time. Not for some traumatic reason. I just find it much harder to find solitude. It’s busy and stressful and just full. It’s not a relaxing time for me. Then there is the whole hope, joy, peace, and love thing. The nativity story, as I read it, isn’t anything like … Continue reading “Nativity”


Bless me reader for I have sinned. It’s been a while since my last confession. I had time to write but my mind was focused on other things (read work). My journal is full but my blog has been deprived of new posts. Time to fix that. Thankfully, I was bowled over with inspiration last … Continue reading “Integrity”


Last week I spoke of struggle. This week I struggled. I didn’t know where to start after watching a show on Netflix I heard about on a podcast. Here’s a trailer for this cause of my cognitive dissonance (NSFF/trigger warning: not safe for faith): You see, I always held out some openness to the idea … Continue reading “Miracles”

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